Design, manage and
execute security programs
in a totally new way.

See.AI seamlessly connects the dots between all aspects of security to create a more intelligent and efficient way of securing your organization.

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The first SaaS platform designed to manage and modernize enterprise physical security.

See.AI unites and automates manual security and compliance programs, providing actionable insights and communication tools while slashing implementation and maintenance costs.  

See a single operating picture of risk

Enable transparent command and control of critical programs and initiatives

Assign teams across all programs from one platform

Integrate into already existing systems to aggregate data

Leverage key data points from every program

Generate actionable insights with AI/ML predictive analytics

security domains

See.ai provides visibility and actionable intelligence that reduces inefficiencies and costs associated with security so we can do a better job of keeping our people and our communities safe.


See.AI uses machine learning to build site assessment programs. Automation and productivity features help manage and execute programs saving millions of Dollars while further mitigating risk.


Plan the security and logistics for indoor and outdoor business events, manage security during an event with real-time mapping, insight and intelligence - all built off the expertise of the Secret Service, FBI and DHS.


Designed from the ground up to help companies identify, assess and respond to both internal and external physical security threats. See.AI uses machine learning to correlate and respond to customers and employees who are major detractors or threats to the organization.

COVID-19 self screening Mobile Solution

MOAT is a mobile self-attestation tool that enables business to have employees self-screen their COVID-19 symptoms and possible points of exposure in a privacy compliant manner. MOAT is designed in compliance with government mandatory screening practices.

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